Thursday, September 4, 2008

It is well with your soul!

May God richly bless you. Welcome to an encounter with destiny.

I am a God-inspired personal researcher, who has a deep passion for the spiritual, mental and physical growth of Africa and her people. This site is aimed at Africans (and when I say African, I am speaking of anyone of African descent- whether you were born on the African Continent, the American continent, the Russian continent, or any other continent); every other person of any other descent is also highly welcome to partake of the information presented here.

I have been researching on the subject of longevity for more than 18 years, with practical proofs to match.

I am a living testimony of the reality of lifespan extension and have a heartfelt desire to share what I know with you so that you can live longer and stronger also. I want to expose you to the open secrets that you can practicalize to realize a life of regeneration and rejuvenation.

I am currently on a 97% raw diet. I have been everything from omnivoruous to vegan in this lifetime and I must tell you one thing I have discovered for certain: not eating dead animal flesh or animal products alone does not make you healthy. It is only one factor in the longevity equation. There are so many others to consider if you are looking for a situation in which you live a life of regeneration, not slowed down degeneration.

I have also written a book called: Living Longer, Living Stronger, which is a must-read for anyone who is ready to embrace personal, continental and global solutions to the low lifespan epidemic plaguing Africa and the world. It is the first in a trilogy that reveals these open secrets for increasing your lifespan. E-mail me at for purchasing details.

I have some questions for you (answer them out loud):

Aren't you ready to move from the background of sickness to the foreground of whole health?

Aren't you ready to stop wasting energy, time and money on sickness, medication and doctor's fees?

Aren't you aware that it is possible to reverse the signs of aging without surgery or medication?

Don't you want to take a strong hold of those open secrets that will propel you into living a longer and stronger life?

This blog will expose you to that vital information that will compel you to make an educated decision for a needed change.

If you are ready to embark on a life-transforming experience, let us continue on this destiny-molding experience with the post.



Zuliyat Muhammed said...

Miss Angeli, thank you for making this class as interesting as it was. I learnt a lot from all the class sessions and you as well. I wish you the best in all your endeavours.
Take care and I hope you stay back in AUN else i hope i see you again someday. Miss you

hadiza muhammad said...

Unfortunately, miss angeli is leaving. We had fun in class, I must confess, I enjoy my CMD class. We are really going to miss you and where ever you are, stay blessed!!!